Continuum Loop Inc. was created to aid organizations that are attempting to adopt technology and to begin traveling down the path of interoperability.  Sharing information in current times can appear to be simple.  The idea of using technology to publish and consume information is quite simple – until the interdependencies and linkages begin to add complexity.

It is easy for one organization to share a small amount of information with another.  When we add multiple organizations things begin to get complex.  When we add the fact that sharing all of an organizations information is rarely optimal, and often not allowed, things begin to get complex.  Adding the fact that different pieces of information are useful and allowed in any relationship and the complexity now becomes difficult.

Continuum Loop can help organizations by assessing their information sharing needs, examining and aiding in development of policies on information sharing, and in deploying technology to ensure that they are keeping up to date with current capabilities and best practises.