Bezos’s law signals it’s time to ditch the data center

As more and more operational (e.g. first responders, security professionals, and emergency managers) consider the cloud, this article should be used as a reference


Wherever you stand on the debate over which cloud giant will reign supreme, it’s clear that the economic forces shaping the market are evolving quickly. After nearly three decades helping companies move their enterprise applications into the modern era, whether to new servers, operating systems or clouds, I’ve seen the cycle before: innovation leads to rapid expansion, which leads to consolidation, shake-out and more innovation. We’ve been down this road before.

Now comes new cloud computing data based on Total Cost of Infrastructure (TCOI), proving cloud providers are innovating and reducing costs in areas beyond hardware. The result is a more compelling case for cloud as a far cheaper platform than a build-your-own data center. Further, the economic gap that favors the cloud provider platform will only widen over time.

In many ways, cloud computing is bringing to the enterprise world what Henry Ford brought for cars. Ford developed and…

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