We’ve worked on various projects over the years and they have all involved sharing information of some kind. The most difficult and rewarding projects are those that require multiple parties (departments, organizations, agencies, services) that need to share something.

Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System (MASAS) As the lead for the engineering side of MASAS, Darrell is focused on ensuring that the technology doesn’t drive the solution – it must follow the operational need. Time and time again technology solutions have been deployed and they may have worked – if only the operations side of things had been considered. Darrell has filled the role of acting CTO for MASAS since 2011. By the time MASAS is handed of to a sustaining organization the plan is to have its technology stack in as lean a position for low operations costs while meeting the diverse needs of the MASAS community.

DND – Mission Support Task Automation System – While brought in to plan out an automated mission tasking system the end result pleased the customer even more than their initial goal. While the initial plan was a multi-phased task and mission operation tracking system the analysis phase discovered a deeper root problem. There was no need for a large scale development project – after a short engagement Continuum Loop proudly handed the project back over to the customer while they worked on improving some operational efficiencies at much lower cost (at least an order of magnitude).